Proper Instruction

The importance of proper Instruction

All of the instructors who are currently authorized to teach the traditional Sun style method of Master Sun Lutang as taught by Master Leishitai are listed below.

Prof. Hu-An (Jan Hdez) has responsibility for Europe and America of the Traditional Sun Style Neijiaquan as taught by Master Leishitai.

These are the only individuals from whom, and the only locations at which, regular classes in the traditional method are currently available.

  • Madrid, Spain

  • Catalonia (Terrassa), Spain

  • Catalonia (Reus,Tortosa), Spain

  • Canary Island, (Tenerife), Spain

  • Italy (several places)

  • USA

No book, video, article or (unqualified) self-proclaimed instructor can ever replace or act as a viable substitute for the direct and personal guidance of a qualified and experienced instructor.