Lei Shi Tai

Lei Shi Tai – Master of Sun Shi Martial Arts

Lei Shi Tai belongs to the second generation of disciples of Sun Lu Tang. The martial arts of the Sun school were taught to him by his Grandfather Lei Shi Mo, who had been  taught by Sun Lu Tang. The training by his Grandfather was complemented by contributions of the art by Sun Cun Zhou and Sun Jian Yun (son and daughter of Sun Lu Tang). His style is the synthesis of these various influences and his own experiments. Lei Shi Tai comfortably mastered the entire Sun Style martial arts (Tai Chi Quan, Tai Chi Jian (sword), Xing Yi Quan, Xing Yi Jian, Ba Gua Quan, Ba Gua Jian). His ‘Nei Li (internal force) is pure and deep and comes from complete inner unity. His ‘Xia Pan’ (root) is solid. His attack is fluid and quick, relying on tremendous internal strength. His method of attack is both hard and soft. His style is straightforward and without trickery. At sixty he still has boundless energy and practices on a daily basis without fatigue.

In addition to the practice, he also received exhaustive teaching on the theories of Sun Lu Tang. This theoretical knowledge enables him to explain the origin and the reasons for each movement and so to structure the practice and to teach it correctly. His teaching stresses the basic exercises and positions  on the teaching of many different series of Quan or Jian. He excels in the explanation of the postures and gestures of Quan (Taiji, Xingyi, and Bagua) through Tui Shou; this makes possible for the student to use the fists in real combat.

Born in 1946, Lei Shi Tai began his training in Sun Style martial arts with his Grandfather at the age of five. After the death of his Grandfather in 1964 and following his last will , he continued his training with Sun Jian Yun. During the Cultural Revolution, the universities were closed and he used this opportunity to practice up to 10 hours every  day. This was a very special period of his life , as he had at the same time a good Master (Sun Jian Yun) and a very good companion who was one year older than him — Liu Shu Lin, disciple of Sun Cun Zhou. This gave him access to the art of Sun Cun Zhou. Lei Shi Tai graduated from university with honours in 1969, and he went to work in Qing Hai for the next ten years. In this rural and humble environment, he developed his own style based on his previous experiences.

Lei Shi Tai has been Vice Secretary General of the Sun Lu Tang’s Martial Art Research Centre Beijing, a member of the Beijing Martial Arts Association, and is a lifetime member of the Association of Xing Yi Quan Studies in Beijing.

Mr. Lei gives training courses in Beijing all year long