Our Sun Style Lineage

Our Sun Style Traditional Martial Arts Lineage

The aim of this website is to spread Sun Style Traditional Martial Arts, from the teachings of Master Lei Shi Tai, my teacher.

Master Lei comes from an uninterrupted line going back to the founder Sun Lu Tang through his Grandfather Lei Shi Mo (disciple of Sun Lu Tang) with whom he trained  from the age of 5 , and remained his only disciple. He also followed for many years Madame Sun Jian Yun  after his grandfather’s death and studied her Brother Sun Cun Zhou’s system through his good friend Liu Shu Lin. What we practice is a culmination of Lei Laoshi- 55- year daily training and research into Sun Style Taiji, Xing Yi and Bagua.

My teacher Leishitai

Lei Laoshi and J Hernández